Friday, August 28, 2009

Few Italian words we learnt

Italian language was not something that was too hard to understand, may be because it has similarity with spanish and here we are so used to listening Mexican people speaking spanish all the time. The familiarity with words and tone made us feel very easy and "at home". I am sure when we go to China, Japan or even from our experience of being in Germany for couple of hours, I can tell that the local language plays a big role in making visitors comfortable...Anyway, long story short, we learnt few sweet Italian words which might be very handy when you go to Italy..
Here are our small Italian vocabulary:

Ciao - Hi/hello/bye [Pronounced as chow]
Scusi - Excuse me
Gracia - Thank you
Ci - Yes
Binari - Platform
Stazione - Station
Partenze - Departure
Arrivo - Arrival
Uscita - exit

Ingresso - Entrance
WC - Toilet
Aqua - water
Treno - Train
Ponte - Bridge
Piazza - Square
Gelato - Ice cream
Via - equivalent to "Street"..All road names starts with "Via" ex - Via Roma
Linea - Line ( I mistook Linea as "Line A" few times :)
Freshca - Fresh