Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seattle - During the Tulip Fest

From my school days in Berkeley, I have been hearing about Seattle Tulip Festival and every time I see the photographs, I regret for not going in that season. While, I didn't remember this time, Rakesh gave a pleasant surprise when he told me that that Friday we were flying to Seattle as that weekend was the last week for the month-long Tulip festival which happens every year in the month of April.

We flew to SeaTac airport and stayed in the close-by Holiday Inn. The tulip gardens were in Skagit Valley which was a 1.5 Hr drive(85 miles) away from airport area. We started out day early with a heavy breakfast in the hotel and as we were getting closer, we were getting more and more impatient. From far we could see the gardens and they were looking like soft silk carpets..

The "Tulip Town" (The Third) was a area where we could see all varieties in a single place and as we drove down further, we saw vast gardens where there were only one or two varieties( The red and Yellow photo)..Trust me these photos are nothing and your own pair of eyes give a much better kick...We just loved it and would like to go again :)

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